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- Options -

01, RWL34, 14c28n*, Shuminagashi*, N690*, 52100, Niolox, Nitrobe77, Damasteel (various) Kirinite ( various), G10, Micarta, Phenolic, Corian, Wood, Mammoth Molar/ivory Black, White, Red, Green, Blue, Nickel Silver Brass, Stainless, Carbon fibre Kydex, Leather Cobra, Fixed belt loop Black, Silver Black and Brown Black, Red, Green, Brown, White, Orange Black, Olive, Coyote, Orange, Brown Black, Brass, Nickel, Purple * Only available on certain knives

- Bushcrafter -

This knife has been designed to excel at the type of tasks found in the practicing of bushcraft. From creating fine feathersticks to spoon carving and game preparation this knife does it all.

From the first time you see this knife it’s obvious it does not follow the Woodlore tradition.

What is less obvious is the fact that each detail of this knife has been designed to make this the most comfortable, easy and safe to use for the backwoodsman or practitioner of bushcraft. The knife features sculpted and textured scales, a thumb ramp, index finger platform, sculpted thumb rests and a rounded finish to the butt of the handle.

In use the textured and sculpted scales give a secure grip in almost any condition. ¬†When the thumb ramp on the spine of the blade is used it shifts the focus of the cut toward the belly of the knife, perfect for shearing or carving cuts. Combine this with the index finger on the platform at the plunge line and you get great control on the tip for bore cuts or making traps. Shift the thumb to the front of the ramp and you have “choked up” on the knife but without placing your fingers on the cutting edge, giving the usability without the risk. The butt of the handle has been specially shaped to be comfortable when carrying out powerful chest lever cuts.

The knife comes with a kydex sheath as standard but leather is available as an optional extra.