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01, RWL34, 14c28n*, Shuminagashi*, N690*, 52100, Niolox, Nitrobe77, Damasteel (various) Kirinite ( various), G10, Micarta, Phenolic, Corian, Wood, Mammoth Molar/ivory Black, White, Red, Green, Blue, Nickel Silver Brass, Stainless, Carbon fibre Kydex, Leather Cobra, Fixed belt loop Black, Silver Black and Brown Black, Red, Green, Brown, White, Orange Black, Olive, Coyote, Orange, Brown Black, Brass, Nickel, Purple * Only available on certain knives

- Rada -

The Rada came about from a request for me to make an M.O.D survival knife. While I agreed that I could, I turned the request down in favour of designing a knife with the M.O.D as a starting point. While you can see its heritage, this is a different knife altogether.

The Rada is made from thicker stock, it is longer, giving a more weight forward feel though it is not unwieldy and the chopping ability is greatly improved . In the hand the knife is comfortable and solid,  giving the user a sense of confidence.

The Hebrew word “rada” means,” to have dominion or to exercise fierce authority”.

When you use one you see why the name fits.

blade length 190mm

total length 328mm

Comes with a kydex sheath. Leather as an option.